Conscious Creator Imagery

What sets Conscious Creator Imagery apart from many other guided visualizations is that I first take you to the Creator place within you.

From the place of cognition and utilizing the breath and the rhythm and tone of my voice I carry you to the place of divine creator power inside of you – this place that is known to me.

From this place of divine consciousness we then utilize the power of imagination to envision the alteration we seek to accomplish.  Every nuance within the process is purposeful.

Applying the “observer effect” authenticated by Quantum Physics we re-create at the atomic level affecting the cellular.  This powerful approach can be used to alter physical conditions in the body as well as conditions and circumstances within your human life.

Calming the Inner Turmoil
Download my Calming the Inner Turmoil Meditation
Healing the Cancer
Download my Healing he Cancer Meditation
Healing the Lungs
Download my Healing the Lungs Meditation
Healing the Skin
Download my Healing the Skin Meditation
Cardio Vascular
Download my Cardio Vascular Meditation