Timothy Ernster, former business executive, is an author, lecturer, spiritual teacher, workshop facilitator and channel of higher consciousness.

His first book, God In A Black Jag, published in 1998, is the story of his own awakening experience and his studies with two Enlightened Masters.

Over the past 30 years he has given workshops, conferences and private sessions in the US, Canada, and Europe, sharing the wisdom gained through his studies and through the attempted application of this wisdom.

Known for his powerful guided meditations and visualizations, Tim continues to expand the field of possibilities of transformation through the transcendent experience to the benefit of this students and clients. Having recently come to the conclusion that his own path has really been a path toward greater love of self, he now shares the wisdom and tools that have served him on this path in his new book, Self Love 101 A Gentle Guide to Loving Yourself Unconditionally and Fulfilling Your Life Purpose.  

A native Texan, Tim now resides on the beautiful and peaceful Texas coast.