What if your true purpose in life is

to come to love yourself



What if peace is your birthright, a state that you simply reclaim rather than seek to discover?

What if you truly are the master of your life, the creator of your life experience?

What if the power to heal lives within you waiting to be accessed by you?

Beyond coming to love my own self unconditionally my chosen purpose in life is to assist you in answering the above “what ifs”, to gently guide you on your own personal path of self-discovery and self-love. To that end I share wisdom and tools through books I have written, through meditations and guided visualizations, through dialogue, workshops and seminars, and by reflecting to you your own divine self, your “Christ “ self, through the channeling experience.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the possibilities by exploring this site.

I pray that I can be of service to you as you step forward into the becoming of all that you can be.

With love and blessings,